Updating the sollog soon

Looks like now that because even more people are aware of the staging version after my recent blog post, most of the users have switched to use it.

After reviewing weekends usage statistics where staging has had 3 times more usage than the "official" version it looks like most people are happy with the extra information staging has.

So soon (which can be anything from 1-2 days to 1-2 months depending on my free time) I will be updating the official version to have the same information the staging has now. 

In the comments StuArt asked about similar ranking site that user "wiz" has previously kept for sailonline.org with national rankings and different kind of records (24h run etc). I will probably have a look during Christmas holidays how easily this kind of ranking would be to do.


hmm said...

I have now updated sol.hmm.iki.fi to be the same version as staging.

Niklas said...

Great work!

I love statistics..