Timed races in sollog

Now, as the Holiday Star timed race has just opened in SOL it probably is a good time to talk about one shortcoming sollog has. It doesn't support timed races at all so unfortunately you can't view your timed races there at all.

The basic reason for not supporting them is that the current data model I use doesn't like having multiple boats with the same name in the same race. And that's what happens when someone does more than one attempt.

At the time this came apparent last spring I shortly consulted the most active solers and the consensus seemed to be that sollog is not so important for timed races so I just decided not to do them at all. After all, the hourly rankings don't make much sense when boats have not started at the same time.

Thinking of it now, timed races probably would need a different approach, it would be nice to compare two timed runs head to head so that you could see the speed/wind/location of the boats compared to their start time. However that would mean that I'd have to start polling the boat positions more often than just once per hour but that might be manageable.

I'd like to hear if many people are missing the timed races in sollog and also any ideas what kind of information should be shown for them?

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Anonymous said...

During the current Capt Anderson Leg #4 Timed race I have 1 run in the books & am waiting to see if the Wx will allow another better run. So I was interested in reviewing the progress I made during that run. I did not note the times I rounded the various marks. If I could come here and copy that data before a 2nd run then It would be ok to only show the most recent attempt & not all of them or just a link to email me the data without having to make a page to show it