Starting a blog about technical things in sol

This blog is about the (IT) technical things in sol (sailonline.org virtual sailing site), different kind of tools you can use to help your sailing there. Not so much about how to navigate your virtual boat as there are better sites for that for example listed here: http://sailonline.org/wiki/show/Links/.

My own sol statistics site sol.hmm.iki.fi has now been in use for almost a year. So far I have mainly developed it to suit my own use but I hope to get more feedback about ideas how to improve it through this blog. Feel free to comment and suggest new ideas to either my sollog site or perhaps even completely new tools. 

Which sollog version would you prefer?

For a start, even if I have quite often mentioned it in the race chats, not everyone is aware that there are two version of my sollog pages. The official one is of course sol.hmm.iki.fi but there is the "development" version in staging.sol.hmm.iki.fi which includes quite a lot of more numbers calculated hourly from the boat information. The main difference is that the staging version includes the weather data from sol server and thus can calculate things like speed, twa, tws etc. hourly for each boat.

I myself have been recently using the staging site because of the extra information it has but on the same time I have hesitated a bit to make it the "official" version as I fear that the amount of different numbers can be quite confusing. Then again, I believe that the average virtual sailor probably is pretty comfortable with data like this and if (s)he isn't it might be good to show what kind of data is essential for performance in virtual sailing (and in real sailing of course too).

So for this first post, I'd like to have feedback which version people would prefer. Of course it could be possible to continue having both sites or having "simple" and "detailed" versions of the pages on the same site but perhaps there is need for only one version.

hmm@iki.fi (or hmm at sol race chats)


Anonymous said...

well, I appreciate your work very much, although its for me atm just for "nostalgic" reasons when I am watching the list... :)

A former SOL user (wiz) runned a site where he showd us different rankings, so a ranking of national teams. Probably that would be from interest again?!

all the best


hmm said...

I have occasionally seen references to this site, however it's still a bit unclear to me what kind of information there was.

It's probably not any more online? How were the national rankings etc calculated? What other rankings there were?

Anonymous said...

The site is offline now. National ranking was calculated taking the best three of all countries. I think that was the only ranking added to the SOL rankings. It even was earlier than the SOL ones. Probably Jepsom, Tango, Farmor or some of the "old" guys might have stored the data. Stu

DeBilbaoPues said...

First of all, I wish to thank your effort. Very usefull site indeed.

I'm using mostly your 'staging' page because I use it to compare with the boats next to me. TWA et al are very useful numbers.

Regarding wiz's site, I remember the nation's ranking using the three best SYCs for each country and a note about other SOLers (not SYC) that could have improved the ranking (first three in a race but not counting for the ranking).
Newbies ranking, with any SOLER with less than 10 races.
In the live race, there were a number of statistics, including the longest 24 hour run, biggest BS, shortest distance,...

Keep the good work